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ARE offers the first vendor neutral Wireless Training and Certification program known as ARE Wireless Career Certifications or AceWPTM.

The ARE Training & Certification Programs are comprehensive in content and practice to impart real life know-how across the complete spectrum of prevalent Wireless Technologies. The rigorous Training at ARE Wireless Competency Centers and getting certified thereafter provide more than one year of practical field experience ranging 80 to 400 hrs. of Instructor led Training at each level for Engineer level Certifications, 20 hrs of Instructor led Training for Technician level Certifications and 40 hrs. training for Management professionals that include AWSP for Sales Professionals and Business Analysts and AWPMP for Project Leaders and Project Managers (Please download the ARE Certifications Brochure for details by clicking the button at the bottom left of this page).

ARE Wireless Career Certifications lead to Outstanding Opportunities
The Certifications ensure high standards of technical expertise. Gaining ARE Wireless Career Certifications at any level translates to joining the ranks of skilled Wireless Professionals who have earned recognition and respect in the industry. ARE Wireless Career Certifications provide three levels of certification for aspiring and practicing Wireless Engineers with different specialized tracks to meet individual needs. Other than the 3 levels, ARE provides Career Certifications for aspiring and practicing educators and Instructors.

ARE Certified Wireless Engineer      [ACWE]
ARE Certified Wireless Developer    [ACWD]
ARE Certified Wireless Architect      [ACWA]
Certified AceWP Instructor                 [CAI]

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