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Pioneering the Universal Wireless revolution by
Converging Wireless Computing and Communications

There is no doubt that the future is wireless. But what kind, is a larger question, which we at Advanced Radio Engineering(ARE) try and solve each day throughout our work floors. Wireless and mobile technologies are here to stay, metamorphosing the way people live and work by making things more simple, convenient, and efficient. They have already commenced demonstrating their power and potential to be all pervasive and deeply woven into our personal and professional lives. Mobility is challenging the traditional concepts of employee, workplace, company, industry, territory and market.  Mobility is realigning customers by similarity and interests; no longer by location. Mobility is taking personalized data to a new level by recognizing the ever-changing, context-specific location of a customer. Wireless always-on Internet infrastructure is becoming the building block that is enabling and will continue to enable tomorrow's mobile connected society to function. This task however is more important and responsible than it seems. Especially as new, competing Wireless standards develop faster than the previous one gets established. To name a few there is an IEEE 802.15x for Bluetooth, IEEE 802.11g for an IEEE 802.11 a & b, CDMA for GSM, UMTS, CDMA 2000 and EDGE for 3G, and recently WiMax/IEEE 802.16x for MANs and then the evolving 4G standards. While commoditizing Wireless through multiple standards have been a compulsion for the Industry so far, the true success of Wireless lies in its Universal usage by cross sections of the Human society at an affordable cost without having to confuse the Consumers for an indigestible number of choices for Wireless Computing or Communications. ARE is committed to this vision of creating a Universal Wireless Computing and Communication world by providing a Universal Wireless Technology and architecture that radically changes the Radio behavior and system response to accommodate all Wireless Standards and Protocols in one system. Through its pioneering technology ARE aims to shift the world's IP (Internet Protocols) usage over Radios by providing a common IPv4 and IPv6 backbone, while empowering bandwidth speeds in the Gbs range and processing speeds in the GHz range by leveraging cutting edge technology, including variants of Nanotechnology like Carbon Nanotubes, Resonance Tunneling Devices or Quantum Cellular Automatas.

Eventually anything with a microchip can, and will, become intelligent and connected. Coupled with the increasing ability to digitally deliver services, ultimately all these connected tools will serve as platforms for the delivery of Internet-based services, mobile technology infrastructure and e-commerce. Trillions of dollars ARE getting pumped worldwide over the next decade, into an always-on Internet infrastructure,which is the information grid that will make access to internet-based information and services as pervasive as access to other utility-based services, such as electricity or water.

Over two billion wireless devices such as smart phones, PDAs and other mobile computing tools are out in consumers' hands. Mobile devices such as phones, handhelds and notebooks, together with the right groupware application is allowing anyone, regardless of profession, to communicate, work and/or study anywhere anytime via wireless network. This is the empowerment of users through the powerful convergence of technologies—putting the world into the hands of the individuals. The movement towards always-on, service-centric computing and mobile devices is already radically affecting how and where work is done.

Undoubtedly a wireless strategy is now an absolute necessity for every organization. Businesses today recognize that they need wireless component for their business and that eventually everyone will have one. Businesses today also realize that as their customers become aware of the ease and capabilities of the mobile, service-centric lifestyle, they will not be able to remain wireless-dinosaurs and still thrive in the coming marketplace. All it takes is one company in an industry to catch on to the power and potential that lies at the intersection of information appliances, e-services and an always-on Internet infrastructure and they can become the tipping point for their entire industry — transforming business as usual.

In the wake of the ever growing need of the Wireless Consumer and on the other hand, due to the absence of Universally adopted and affordable Wireless alternatives, ARE's vision is to pioneer the Convergence of Wireless Computing and Communications to empower the Wireless Consumer with "true" anytime-anywhere connectivity, an unparalleled value at an affordable cost. Thereby ARE will be creating and facilitating the adoption of a uniform and affordable Wireless Convergence Technology that further fosters the growth of this trillion dollar industry and that takes the human race to its next big leap after the Internet.

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