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From time to time, ARE's initiatives have been appreciated by accomplished Leaders of the Wireless Industry. The following are some of the citations that ARE's AceWP Initiative has received:

"ARE Certified Wireless Professional is clearly a well thought out program and will supply quality trained individuals to the wireless industry" says Thomas Wheeler, President - CTIA (Cellular Telecommunications & Internet Association -

"Developing wireless applications is a complex task because you need skills in multiple disciplines - embedded systems, device hardware, computer software, content development, wireless networks and systems integration across all these disciplines. Apart from industry conferences and vendor-sponsored educational seminars, there are not too many organizations who are focused on training professionals for various segments of this broad industry. We also do not know of any independent certification body. ARE Technologies (through its Ace Wireless Training and Certification Programs) is trying to address this important need.  Providing different streams for various specialty fields is a good approach. MobileInfo.Com would like to congratulate ARE Technologies in this endeavor. We strongly urge the industry players to support them in this effort."

Chander Dhawan
Founder, Principal Consultant and Publisher - (


Earlier this week, I got an e-mail from Sundeep Patel, Executive VP at ARE Technologies, announcing the company's brand-new ARE Wireless Career Certifications program. Unlike most other such programs I've seen, wireless or otherwise, this program looks a lot more like a complete, college-level engineering curriculum than your average, garden-variety IT certification.

The current collection of credentials in the program is as follows:

  • ARE Certified Wireless Professional (AceWP):
    400 hours of training, including 200 hours in the classroom, and 200-225 hour of lab practice time, across five 80-hour tracks. These include Wireless Applications Development; Wireless DSP, RF, and Antennae; Wireless Carriers; Wireless Networking and Security; and Wireless Embedded Systems. For those who lack the necessary preliminaries, a 225- hour remedial program is also recommended.
  • ARE Certified Wireless Developer (AceWD):
    200 hours of training, plus an additional 100-125 hours of lab practice time for each track. These tracks cover the same five topics as in the preceding certification, but this is where individuals specialize in a single track.
  • ARE Certified Wireless Expert (AceWE):
    This is designed to build on expertise, knowledge, and skills built in obtaining the AceWD certification. There is no classroom instruction at this level, but self-study, seminar attendance, and interactive online sessions will be involved. Candidates must take and pass a two-hour written exam and a four-day Lab Test for each track they pursue at this level.
  • Certified AceWP Instructor (CAI):
    Candidates must go through two steps to qualify for this credential, including training and development of communication, language, and personality development skills, plus presentations and demonstrations and a cumulative written exam.

Currently, only the AceWP exams are available (at Prometric Testing centers worldwide). Other programs will be rolled out in the next 12-18 months. This should be an interesting program to watch and follow because of its vast depth and breadth. Uptake will truly demonstrate significant commitment to this market space.

by-Ed Tittel


The AceWP vendor-neutral wireless certification program will begin training and testing at the end of April. Expect intense training and an excellent certification program.

ARE Technologies (ARE) has announced an intensive certification program for the wireless industry. Currently offering four levels of certification, the first level of the program is the AceWP (ARE Certified Wireless Professional). This vendor-neutral certification is designed to provide a truly comprehensive training experience. More from your Guide below

As wireless technology continues to expand, the need for professionals with knowledge and experience also grows. The AceWP program is sure to enhance a candidate's skills and advance their career. For more information on the ARE Certified programs, visit the ARE website.

ARE plans to offer four certifications:

ARE Certified Wireless Professional (AceWP)
ARE Certified Wireless Developer (AceWD)
ARE Certified Wireless Expert (AceWE)
Certified AceWP Instructor (CAI)

The AceWP consists of 400 hours of training. 225 of those hours ARE devoted to lab practice. The training covers five areas: Applications Development, Wireless DSP, RF and Antennae, Wireless Carriers, Wireless Networking and Security, and Wireless Embedded Systems.

The AceWD focuses on a specialization chosen from the five areas studied with the AceWP and requires 200 hours of training with 125-150 hours of lab practice. You must hold an AceWP certification.

The AceWE takes your certification to a higher level and allows self-study for a two-hour written paper and a four-day lab test. You must already be certified as a AceWD. As with the AceWD, there are five tracks from which to choose.

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If you fulfill any of these qualifications then you can enter to receive free admission to ARE's Wireless & Convergence Technology Career Seminar at the Clarion Suites Hotel in New Jersey on April 24th between 10-4PM. At this seminar there will be demonstrations by PHD developers who will present wireless technology through ARE proprietary simulators. The entire Wireless Lab including the Bluetooth Development Kit, 802.11 Development Kit, FPGA Digital Modulation Board, Intel XScale Development Board, and GPS Development Kit will be on display. The instructors will run through a brief demonstration of each device. If you are interested in this event and are located in the New York/NJ area, please ENTER HERE. The first 60 qualified respondents will receive free registration.

~ Dori Reuscher  -



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