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newsFeb 2012: AceWP expands its markets in Pune, India.

newsDec 2011: AceWP ramps up operations to expand its markets in Singapore and adjoining regions.

newsMar 2011: AceWP presented to Media Development Authority to promote Innovative Skill development in Singapore.

newsMar 2011: Sanjiv Rai presents at Sino-America Quality Summit on Innovation, hosted by the Govt. of People's Republic onf China in Shenzhen.

newsOct 2010: AceWP India team takes up new initiatives to accelerate the deployment of AceWP Innovation centers to promote entreperneurship and Innovation.

newsMay 2010: AceWP version 2.1.3 released.

newsOct 2009: Founder Sanjiv Rai listed in "Who's who in the world" by Marquis who's who - century old directory of noteworthy individuals.

newsAug 2009: AceWP version 2.1.2 released.

news18 Feb 2009: Wireless Certifications.

news04 Dec 2008: ARE Founder Sanjiv Rai helps Team Stellar on Google Lunar X-prize on US$ 30 million private race to the moon.

news01 Oct 2008: Sanjiv Rai presents the world's first Body of Knowledge on Nanotechnology at World Conference - WCQI 2008 in Houston, TX- "Nanotechnology - Ideas and Action - Quality Body of Knowledge draft V 1.0 release - ASQ Electronics and Communications Division"

May 2008: AceWP version 2.1.1 released at ATWCC locations in the US.

news19 April 2008: Sanjiv Rai opens IEEE CT-CS Spring Colloquium, chairs the panel on "Building an Innovation eco-system" at UB - UB Discussion, well... is rocket science.

newsNov 2007: New business lines opened in middle-east with Webmasters LLC and Cyberdesign.

newsOct 2007: Founder Sanjiv Rai honored in Young Inventors International Hall of Fame

news29 July 2007: AceWP team reorganized in the US.

newsMarch 2007: Sanjiv Rai and Prof. U. B Desai provide leadership to WCSC-Wireless Convergence and Seamless Communication - Helsinki WoWMoM.

news29 Nov 2006: ARE recognized as Top Tech companies in Asia by ZD Net Asia Top 10 Technovisionaries.

news03 October 2006: Business World India highlights ARE in two of its consecutive Cover Stories - lists ARE amongst select few companies
- Making Silicon Valley in India

news09 September 2006: ARE
CEO Sanjiv Rai is honored with
Special Recognition Award for Outstanding Contributions to Engineering and Entrepreneurship by ASEI (American Society of Engineers of Indian Origin) at Los Angeles, CA in the august company of Distinguished Achievers. Sanjiv Rai pays tribute to the spirit of Emerging Indian Entrepreneurship and Innovation in his thanking speech to ASEI

news28 August 2006: Advanced Radio Engineering declared Red Herring Top 100 Winner - CEO Sanjiv Rai receives Red Herring Award on behalf of the ARE Team at Red Herring Asia, Four Seasons - Hong Kong

news19 August 2006: Advanced Radio Engineering featured in Red Herring 100 list of Emerging Innovation driven Disruptive Technology companies under the same hunt that spotted companies like Google and eBay in their emerging days

news22 June 2006: "Presentation on Wireless Computing and Convergence - 4G"; sponsored by ARE Technologies, IEEE CT and IEEE at UNH.

news20 March 2006: ARE undertakes repositioning exercise for its AceWP brand of products

news13 Dec 2005: ARE board approves restructuring of ARE businesses

news28 Nov 2005: ARE receives third acquirer interest for an acquisition

news3 Oct 2005: ARE receives acquisition interests from 2 potential acquirers

newsAugust 2005: ARE ties up with Wildpackets Corporation

newsJune 2005: Leading magazine Certmag ( highlights AceWP Program in its article review of the ICT Industry's Wireless Training and Certification programs including three other providers namely Planet3wireless, NARTE and CISCO beside ARE

newsMay 2005: Ericsson provides TEMS for AceWP

newsApril 2005: ARE receives Customer validations from Leading OEMs for its D5 product

news08 - 10 February 2005: NASSCOM Media Showcase of ARE as shortlisted IT Innovation company

newsDecember 2004: Wildpackets Corporation sponsors AceWP with its RF Grabber and Airopeek products

newsNovember 2004: ARE CEO Sanjeev Rai chairs Emerging Companies session at Nokia Conference, Oberoi New Delhi. CEO Sanjeev Rai provides keynote speech on behalf of NASSCOM ( towards highlighting Indian Industry's strengths to induce NOKIA's ( interest in investing into India in the Semiconductor sector

news04 Oct 2004: AreTec launches Wireless Certification Program(across US) - by Certmag.

news01 November 2004: ARE presents its IT Innovation speech at NASSCOM IT Innovation Summit at Hotel Grand Hyatt, Mumbai India

newsMay 2004: Air Magnet Corporation sponsors Wireless Network Analyzers for AceWP

news19 August 2004: - NASSCOM Product Talk with Sanjeev Rai- SMEs - the breeding ground of revolutionary Products

newsMay 2004: Air Magnet Corporation
sponsors Wireless Network Analyzers for AceWP

news23 March 2004: - are Wireless Career Certification - Expect intense training and an excellent certification program

news23 March 2004: CEO Sanjeev Rai voices Emerging companies' interests in Business Standard cover on Immigration concerns under the story "IT firms skirt US visa curb"

newsMarch 2004: Air Defense Corporation sponsors WiFi and Bluetooth Security products for AceWP

newsMarch 2004:
Nokia sponsors ARE with Nokia Communicator SDKs

news18 February 2004: NASSCOM SME Member News - Inform IT grades "are Wireless Career Certifications" Program - the most Comprehensive  IT  Certification Program.

news29 January 2004: InformIT Certification Flash for Week of 2/2/2004 by Ed Tittel -"A new wireless certification program of an apparently different stripe than most such offerings, the are Wireless Career Certification program."
news09 January 2004: Media cover story on ARE and CEO Sanjeev Rai in recognition of being rated as Top 10 Emerging Stars by NASSCOM - under cover stories - The sky is the limit and  What's size got do with IT - Time for the next wave - Young IT Innovators bet on Innovative Ideas in Corporate Dossier-
The Economic Times
- the largest Business daily in the world

newsSeptember 2003: Microsoft sponsors ARE with
Windows Mobile Environments

newsAugust 2003:
ARE announces multi year Franchise/Marketing partnership agreement and initiative for its Model center in Somerset, NJ announcing an Office and Model center Infrastructure provision of 5000 sq. ft in NJ, US

26 July 2003: ARE presents its "Spot the Star" speech at the NASSCOM ( – Spot the Star event

27 June 2003:
CEO Sanjeev Rai participates as Panelist at the Panel Discussion on "Academia Industry Collaboration" IIT Bombay AIM 2003, a pioneering effort by IIT Bombay in bringing together the Academia and Industry for Research and other collaborations

27 June 2003:
CEO Sanjeev Rai talks about the Research opportunities at ARE - AIM 2003 IIT Bombay

CEO Sanjeev Rai participates at the LBS (Location Based Services) Networking Event, IDA Singapore

2003: CTIA
President Tom Wheeler praises ARE Wireless Programs

newsJan 2003:
EON Investments Ltd., Mauritius based angel investment firm funds ARE for its
A2 round with a total commitment of upto $1.5 Million. ARE closes round A

news15 - 16 October 2002:
CEO Sanjeev Rai and industry veteran Wayne Benz represent ARE and participate in Thomson Prometric Client Summit at The Carnegie Endowment of International Peace, Washington DC (

news9 September 2002: ARE CEO Sanjeev Rai
at Intel IDF at San Jose, CA

newsSeptember 2002:
ARE signs up developer partnership with Intel Corporation

newsSeptember 2002:
ARE receives overwhelming response at Rutgers University Career fair participation on AceWP

newsJuly 2002: Mobileinfo Chief Publisher Chander Dhawan praises ARE Wireless programs

newsMay 2002: Texas Instruments sponsors 52x series development environment to ARE

newsApril 2002: ARE CEO Sanjeev Rai attends Intel India IDF at IISc Bangalore

newsFebruary 2002:
ARE announces multi year Licensing and Franchise agreements with Cyberdesign, PCIT/Creative Infosystems and Chrysalis

newsJanuary 2002:
EON Investments Ltd., Mauritius based angel investment firm funds ARE in its first round A1

news02 November 2001: ARE adds UMTS and WCDMA into its D5 research as additions to the D5 core on top of Bluetooth and IEEE 802.11x related research towards enabling the first Universal communication device

news5 October 2001: ARE zeroes in on
and signs up with Prometric (an Industry leader having launched Microsoft, CISCO, Oracle, Sun Microsystems and other leading certifications - a $8 Billion Thomson group co. based on Prometric proposal for launching AceWP in 142 countries at over 3000 locations

news18 February 2001: Beta-Test for are Wireless Career Certifications AceWP™ launched with a sample size of 70 students

news10 February 2001: ARE Wireless Career Certifications seminar campaign begins with media awareness through
Times group publications

newsJanuary 2001: ARE signs up
SIEMENS as its first customer


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