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InformIT Certification Flash for Week of 2/2/2004

Interesting new Wireless cert introduced
by Ed Tittel - JAN 29, 2004 03:12:13 PM

Earlier this week, I got an e-mail from Sundeep Patel, Executive VP at ARE Technologies, announcing the company's brand-new ARE Wireless Career Certifications program. Unlike most other such programs I've seen, wireless or otherwise, this program looks a lot more like a complete, college-level engineering curriculum than your average, garden-variety IT certification.

The current collection of credentials in the program is as follows:

  • ARE Certified Wireless Professional (AceWP):
    400 hours of training, including 200 hours in the classroom, and 200-225 hour of lab practice time, across 5 80-hour tracks. These include Wireless Applications Development; Wireless DSP, RF, and Antennae; Wireless Carriers; Wireless Networking and Security; and Wireless Embedded Systems. For those who lack the necessary preliminaries, a 225 hour remedial program is also recommended.
  • ARE Certified Wireless Developer (AceWD):
    200 hours of training, plus an additional 100-125 hours of lab practice time for each track. These tracks cover the same 5 topics as in the preceding certification, but this is where individuals specialize in a single track.
  • ARE Certified Wireless Expert (AceWE):
    This is designed to build on expertise, knowledge, and skills built in obtaining the AceWD certification. There is no classroom instruction at this level, but self-study, seminar attendance, and interactive online sessions will be involved. Candidates must take and pass a 2-hour written exam and a four-day Lab Test for each track they pursue at this level.
  • Certified AceWP Instructor (CAI):
    Candidates must go through two steps to qualify for this credential, including training and development of communication, language, and personality development skills, plus presentations and demonstrations and a cumulative written exam.

Currently, only the AceWP exams are available (at Prometric Testing centers worldwide). Other programs will be rolled out in the next 12-18 months. This should be an interesting program to watch and follow because of its vast depth and breadth. Uptake will truly demonstrate significant commitment to this market space.


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