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Wireless Certification Benefits

A Professional Certification delivers numerous advantages and benefits.
Certification objectively appraises and evaluates the performance of a professional on a particular job at a defined skill level. Certification therefore assists an individual to validate and authenticate his skills and performance levels. Such validation conveys a definitive minimum standard of education, experience, and expertise.

Wireless certification demonstrates that you are interested in wireless profession—it’s not just a job. In a competitive marketplace, this dedication may set you apart from others. Since employers prefer certified professionals for hiring and promotion, certified wireless professionals have a greater range of career opportunities.

Wireless certification promotes your recognition as an ARE certified wireless professional.
Certification provides an extra measure of credibility within and outside the profession, by validating professional competency.

Certification assists in getting a job, securing salary increases and/or corporate advancement
"The 2001 Global Training and Certification Study," which polled nearly 18,000 IT managers, certification candidates and certified professionals, was conducted by Gartner Consulting to better understand global training and certification needs, and to provide more information about how and why IT training decisions are made. This survey released by IT Leaders CompTIA and Prometric underscores the value of Training and Certification. Nearly two-thirds (64 percent) of IT managers cite a higher level of service as a key benefit of having certified staff, followed by a competitive advantage (59 percent) and increased productivity (57 percent). Understandably a certified professional is preferred over a non-certified for hiring, salary hikes, and promotions.

Depending on your employer, you may earn more money if you are certified. Two-thirds (66 percent) of professionals certified indicated that their salaries increased after becoming certified. More and more individuals are realizing that the benefits of certification go way beyond keeping up-to-date with current technology applications. It helps employees keep their jobs in this competitive marketplace, and it also opens doors to advanced career opportunities and increased salaries.

Increases self esteem
Professional certification serves as a mark of accomplishment. It provides a measure of status and credibility among your peer professionals and thus provides personal satisfaction.

The research also showed that training and certification often go hand in hand. Certification candidates who finished classroom training were more likely to pass certification tests and 40 percent of managers cited training as the key factor in obtaining a certification. Sixty-four percent of certified individuals believe that both training and certification are beneficial to professional development, and more than 70 percent of certified professionals indicated that they would pursue training even if it did not lead to certification. IT professionals cited instructor-led classroom training as the most useful method to prepare for certification (24 percent), followed closely by printed materials for self study (23 percent). A higher proportion of IT professionals that used both self-study and self-assessment tests in preparation for certification exams passed their courses (51 percent) compared to candidates who used all other methodologies.


ARE Technologies is a front-runner Research and Development organization in the Wireless and Convergence space. It offers the first vendor neutral Wireless Training and Certification program known as Ace wireless Professional.

The ARE Certified Wireless Professional (AceWP) Curriculum is comprehensive in content and practice to impart professional know-how across the complete spectrum of prevalent Wireless Technologies. The AceWP provides more than one year of practical field experience in 400 hrs. of Instructor led Training. For optimum benefit, the certification tests must reflect the critical functions associated with the job, the skill levels of each such function and activity. AceWP tests are conceived and created with the above philosophy as the guiding principle.

AceWP was developed after a rigorous research undertaken over a period of 4 years by a research team of 40 industry representatives and academia scholars. The AceWP Beta Tests were launched on 18th February 2001 and were conducted throughout the year as part of the AceWP curriculum development process,

 The research team working on the AceWP project has compiled a comprehensive course material running into more than 2500 pages.

 Over 6250 practical problems faced by wireless developers in real projects form the sample AceWP tests.

 Over 250 full-length real-life projects have been made an integral part of the curriculum.

 More than 200 simulation subjects have been interspersed with the course contents to give the students, the much-required practical exposure across various Wireless technologies.

 Over 1000 power point presentations have been prepared for the instructors in the classes, to help the students comprehend the subject matter in a coherent and intelligible manner, across the five tracks of AceWP.

ARE Certified Wireless Professional (AceWP) is the first vendor neutral Wireless Training and Certification program. AceWP is also the only comprehensive vendor neutral Wireless Training and Certification program currently available worldwide. The bottom line is, there is no significant competition to AceWP, either now or in immediate future(2 years). As of now, the certifications available in the wireless arena, examine and certify a very narrow band of wireless skills, primarily in wireless networking. The sustained growth of the wireless industry depends upon a skilled and knowledgeable workforce across Wireless Domains. AceWP is the first and only vendor neutral certification addressing the wireless skills gap comprehensively, and providing a measurable standard for professionals in the wireless arena.

As an ARE Technologies' Certified Professional, you also receive the following benefits:
Access to technical information directly from ARE Technologies through a secured area of the ARE Technologies' Web site.
Invitations to ARE Technologies' conferences, technical training sessions, and special events.

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