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Welcome to the ARE Wireless Community Forums ! Keeping with ARE's endeavor of building a Community of Wireless Professionals, Developers and Experts, ARE presents a platform for the ARE Wireless Community that comprises qualified and aspiring ARE Certified Wireless Professionals, Developers and Experts. This Information exchange aims to give you privileged access and information to choose AceWP/WD/WE as your Wireless Career milestone. Our endeavor is to offer you information and facts that are well analyzed and dissected to suit your Career aspirations. Ultimately, this will enrich your Wireless skill-sets even after you have qualified as ARE Certified Wireless Professionals, Developers or Experts.

The Forums provide you well-researched information related to the latest Wireless openings and assignments in the Industry and with ARE. Your specific forum community will also update you about the latest happenings in the Wireless arena. Additionally, it provides you with free subscription to magazines and periodicals to help you grow in the Wireless Industry.

ARE Wireless Community forums also act as a medium for you to receive your Version upgrades and Updates on your chosen ARE Training and Certification Track(s) specialization. With the help of the information you gather here, we urge you to utilize your increased professional know-how to further promote the Wireless Communication and Computing industry. The Internet, Wireless Communications, Broad-band and intelligent networks have revolutionized the way people interact and conduct business. New technologies continue to advance at a breakneck pace swearing in the 21st century.

The Forums are open to all Advanced Radio Engineering Wireless Professionals to enrich them further on the 50 plus Wireless topics that they have been (or are being) trained upon. If you are a registered ARE Wireless Community member, all that you need to do is to fill up a short registration form if you are a first time user. If you are already a registered user, you simply need to use your login ID and password to enter the forum.

This forum is meant for registered AceWP Professionals. If you are a registered student or an AceWP and have not yet registered at the AceWP forum, please provide your request to your instructor or to your program administrator. If you have already registered at the AceWP forum, please login with the secured user interface provided to you with your log-in information. If you have technical difficulties accessing the forum, please contact ace "at" We wish you an enlightening journey through the ARE Forum corridors and look forward to a life long knowledge association with you. If you are a non-AceWP registered visitor, please use this forum to participate in ARE Research forums

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